Bird watching

For bird lovers, you will be in a refuge with more than 310 species of birds counted, a real luxury.

Departure from Uvita
Exploring Costa Rica, Uvita
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Rancho La Merced National Wildlife Refuge is home to a great variety of birds. More than 310 species have been counted in and around the refuge.

Since 1971, the conservation of the diverse natural habitats found in the refuge has attracted many birds, mammals, insects and reptiles, which have found in the refuge, a sanctuary to feed and reproduce in the forest, wetlands and mangroves.

The trails pass through different habitats, giving you the opportunity to observe a large number of birds, maximizing your birding experience in Costa Rica.

Our guides will take you on an incredible half-day hike, helping you count the numerous birds found in the refuge, explaining their behavior, and sharing with you valuable information about this neotropical bird sanctuary. It is very common to observe up to 50 to 60 species during the morning.

The tour lasts half a day, or 3 hours approximately. Minimum reservation for two people.

Travel Packing Checklist


Refillable water bottle




Hat or cap

Conditions and cancelation policy

1- You can reschedule the trip at no additional cost as long as there are no price increases in services, otherwise the additional will be paid, applies to flight cancellations or illness due to pandemic theme, only assume the cost of the transfer for the return of the money.
2- Any change or cancellation of reservation can be made by phone or email.
3- If you cancel more than 5 days before the date of the tour you will pay a penalty of 5% of the price of the package for management costs.
4- If you cancel between 4 and 5 days before the date of arrival there is a 10% cancellation fee of the tour price.
5- If cancelled 3 days before the date of arrival there is a penalty of 100% of the total reservation.
6- If the client does not show up on time for the booked tour, 100% of the prepaid price will be charged.