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The services and products of our Agency are to provide you with the best value available, socially and environmentally,in each community who offer their services.

  • The environment is the main focus of the agency in terms of providing a service which is in accordance with the conservation and general respect of the environment.
  • We value the green providers who assure us that the environment is protected, and that they too believe that to be of the utmost importance.
  • Our agency ascertains sustainability in all facets of its products.
  • We do not promote the services of children in our industry so as to not generate child exploitation within the community.
  • We do promote accessibility to all people who would benefit from our products.
  • Our agency is committed to and firmly rejects the sexual exploitation of our children and adolescents or anyone who is used, without consent, to provide others with lucrative services.
  • We promote the practice of discriminating which of our clients may have mobility difficulties with some of our products and offering them options.
  • We communicate with the community our commitment to the social well being of all.
  • We are organizing environmental discussions in the schools and with similar organizations about the conservation of the whale and how to prevent its exploitation so as to generate a better consciousness of our natural resources.


We are a travel agency committed to the environment where by our products and services are generated in harmony with the environment and its development with the rural communities.

Key lines:

  • We do not generate unnecessary paper , nor do we give our clients vouchers for each service during our travels.
  • Instead,we give our clients a general itinerary with the corresponding descriptions and explanations. Also, all correspondence is done by email.
  • We use both sides of a sheet of paper before recycling.
  • We solicit costs and information from our providers by mail.
  • We do not solicit many flyers or vouchers from our providers, only one sample.
  • We create one catalogue per year listing our new prices.


All agreements with a second person, a business, an association, or organization will be conducted under the concept of respect to all human beings which will directly benefit them.

  • None of our actions will affect the environment unless it is of benefit which will generate added value to the company.
  • No future negotiations will be based on the exploitation of children and adolescents.
  • The human being is the most important factor in the promotion of our products and services. He deserves the greatest respect and is the most valued of our business which, in future negotiations, will generate added profits to our business.
  • All of our actions will be directed to benefit both parties without affecting any thing else.