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Cowboy for a Day

60 $

Cowboy for a Day

From Uvita and surroundings | Duration: 2-3 hours

A dream come true, an opportunity to feel like a real cowboy. Harness your horse and head for the pasture.


  • Consists of riding with the cowboys, driving cattle, checking calves and cows in the pasture, learning to rope calves, and other ranch activities.
  • The Farm is a working cattle ranch dedicated to the production of beef cattle in harmony with the ecological balance of the surrounding tropical rainforest and mangrove.
  • Here you can enjoy being a cowboy. Depending on the time of the year you visit, you can ride with the ranch hands, round-up cattle, and many other jobs that cowboys do in the course of a normal day’s work on The Farm.


Duration: ½ day – 2-3 hours
Minimum of 2 persons
Price: $60 por persona


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