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Palo Verde – Isla Pájaro Wetlands Tour

190 $

Palo Verde – Isla Pájaro Wetlands Tour

From San José | Duration: 8 hours

Tour and explore one of the most valuable wetlands in Costa Rica high in biodiversity and including the renowned bird sanctuary of Birds Island.


  • This one day tour in Guanacaste starts at the mighty Tempisque River where we board a boat that will take us to the heart of Palo Verde National Park which has the most valuable wetland in Costa Rica.


  • Palo Verde National Park, located in the low riverbank of the Tempisque River, is made up of an ecosystem of flooded plains and bordered by rivers and by a chain of limestone fiords. Palo Verde is one of the places with the highest biodiversity in the country where there are approximately 15 different habitats which are a result of the varied topography that includes flooded areas, drainages, and the influence of tides.


  • Birds Island, a bird sanctuary, is one of the marvels of Costa Rica. It is a sanctuary of migratory and resident birds seen on the banks of the Tempisque River.


  • At the Guanacaste Costa Rica conservation area, a private ecological reserve where our journey begins, we are welcomed by the spectacular flora and fauna of the mangrove and the tropical dry forest.


  • Among the habitats, wetlands can be found such as lagoons and swamps of salty and fresh water. These ecosystems are declared a world priority according to the Ramsar Conference. In addition, you can see mangroves, pastures, small forests across the plains, tropical dry forests, flooded forests, and evergreen forests.


  • Rancho Humo it is no longer exclusively a cattle ranch but you can experience firsthand the traditional farm activities of Guanacaste.


Price: $125 Transportation – San José – Rancho Humo (Round Trip)
Minimum 4 people Boat tour (From the Bridge “PUENTE DE LA AMISTAD”)
 – Birds Island – Palo Verde (Navigating through Tempisque river)
 – Rancho Humo Wetlands
 – Tours of the Dry Forest and the Mangrove
 – Tree planting (rainy season) – Cattle ranch experience
 – Breakfast
Snacks, lunch and guide


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