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Aerial Tram

105 $

Aerial Tram

From San José | Duration: 7 hours

View a rainforest from above while breathing in the freshness of the flora and fauna.


  • Take an Aerial Tram tour for an hour and 20 minutes and cover a distance of 2.6 kilometers through the treetops of the primary rainforest at a leisurely pace of two kilometers per hour in the open-air rain forest tram gondolas. Learn about the canopy, home to an enormous variety of rainforest flora and fauna.
  • You can combine the aerial tram with a trekking tour to our Corinto River. Along the way, you’ll become educated on how to safely explore primary rainforest. After a rest on the riverbank and a well-deserved picnic-style lunch, you’ll hike back along the trail that separates the Rainforest Aerial Tram’s reserve from Braulio Carrillo National Park.
  • Back at our main facilities, you can take a shower and take off all the mud, leaves and branches you might have collected during your hike.
  • Explore the rainforest from the ground to the treetops. Breathe in pure oxygen and feel the warm rain of the tropics.


***Recommended Clothing and Gear: An extra pair of shoes, Bathing suit, Comfortable backpack, Hat or cap, Hiking boots or rubber boots with good traction, Insect repellent, Long, dark-colored pants for hiking, Long-sleeve, dark-colored shirt, Raincoat, Small towel, Sun block, Sunglasses, Video and photographic equipment, Warm shirt, and a Complete change of clothes


Price: $105 p/person Transportation within the Park
Duration: 7 hours aprox. Lunch
From 6:00 AM to 12:00 AM Tour on the Aerial Tram
Specialized guide and local guide support (safety is always first)
Entrance to private reserve
Round-trip transportation from San José.


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