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265 $

From 265$

A place where you can see humpback whales, dolphins, snorkeling, caves and beach very close to San Jose and every day!

315 $

From 315$

Second best place to dive and snorkel in Costa Rica after Cocos Island and only 4 hours from San Jose!

$ 315

From 315$

Hike and learn about the wildlife and fauna of the Corcovado National Park in the midst of its natural grandeur.

$ 110

From 110$

Test your endurance and your skills on this thrilling white water rafting experience set deep within the rain forest of Costa Rica.

150 $

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Glide from up high and see Costa Rica from a totally different perspective.

75 $

From 75$

A combination of zip lining, hiking, and rappelling culminating with a panoramic view of the Central Valley.

110 $

From $110

A thrilling rafting adventure through rapids and cascading waterfalls blending into a tapestry of breathtaking scenery.

135 $

From 135$

Feel the adrenaline rushing as you rappel down a waterfall, zip through the trees, and inch your way along a swaying hanging bridge.

105 $

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Aerial Tram



View a rainforest from above while breathing in the freshness of the flora and fauna.

125 $

From 125$

Ride the white water and glide through the tree tops for a day of unimaginable thrills, fun, and adventure.